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Sculptra "Glow"
20 min

1/4 th of a vial of sculptra used to give the skin that "sculptra glow".

“I am not surprised to see patients with improved skin quality and texture as a very first result of post Sculptra injections,” notes New York dermatologist Julie Russak, MD. “We recommend Sculptra as a series of injections because it is a stimulatory procedure. It does take time for our body to produce collagen and elastin; however, the very first signs that patients report are really the improved skin tone, texture and glow of the skin.”

Combining Treatments

To maximize the glow, we recommend combining Sculptra injections with microneedling or post-procedure topical application for optimal results. This allows more superficial delivery of the Poly-L-lactic acid to the layer under the skin, where cell fibroblasts are stimulated and start producing collagen and elastin. The result is the appearance of more youthful and glowing skin.

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