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From Erin (Lachlans mom)

My sweet Lachlan, age 7, was diagnosed with T-Cell Leukemia on Sept 5th, 2023. He will be having extensive treatment over the course of the next 3.5 years. A few weeks before his diagnosis, we noticed his lymph nodes on his neck were enlarged on both sides. With his lymph nodes getting larger and with failed antibiotics and normal blood results, he was sent to have a chest x-ray that ended up showing a few lymph nodes in his chest. After a neck biopsy and CT-scan, the result was cancer. He's already had a few doses of chemo, with years of chemo left to go. He's also had a few surgeries, including a few spinal taps and bone marrow tests. He has a long road ahead. Lachlan is the youngest of 3 boys and is everyone's favorite person. He's the sweetest and happiest boy in the world. He loves his brothers, legos, friend and cousin time and wants to be a ninja when he gets older. We are doing everything we can and know how to get rid of cancer, so he can be a ninja one day.

Any funds donated to the compassionate care fund in the month of October with go 100% to support Lachlans fight for cancer.

In addition to this, Nervana will also donate 10% of net profits in the month of October towards Lachy’s fight.

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Compassionate Care | SLC (7661 S 700 E)
Compassionate Care | SLC (7661 S 700 E)
At Nervana Medical, we are committed to extending a helping hand to individuals with the greatest medical needs, ensuring they receive essential therapies for a healthier, happier life. Join us in this compassionate journey by contributing to our online donation campaign, making a direct impact on the lives of those who require transformative treatments like our weight loss program (where we have successfully achieved helping people lose more than 30% of their initial body weight!) and ketamine therapy (where we have been told time and time again that we saved lives from potential suicide) and more.Why Your Donation MattersPicture the transformative power of therapies that can turn lives around. Your generous donation will serve as a lifeline, offering individuals with the most critical medical needs the chance to access treatments that can alleviate suffering, restore health, and bring hope back into their lives.Where Your Donation GoesFunding Supplies: Your donation directly covers the costs of supplies needed for these crucial therapies. With your support, we can ensure that every patient has access to the materials necessary for their healing journey.Unwavering Dedication: Our providers are the heart of our mission. They willingly contribute their time and expertise to offer care to those in need. Your donation supports their commitment and enables us to extend their reach even further.Holistic Wellness: Beyond the typical medical interventions, your donation promotes a multi-disciplinary, multi modality approach to overall wellness.Infusing Positivity and creating a ripple effect: Your donation isn't just financial; it's a beacon of positivity, a reminder that there are caring individuals who stand beside those in need. Your contribution will go towards helping us change the face of healthcare! A healthcare system where both patients and providers can both live their best lives and do what they want most, spend time with their patients and come up with a customized plan that best suits the patient, together! So if you are able to spare any at all, we would love to embark on this exciting journey together in amplifying our influence in helping people be their best selves but may just need a little more help from time to time!How You Can Make a DifferenceYour compassion can be a turning point for individuals whose lives are defined by their medical struggles. Here's how you can create change:Amplify the Message: Share our campaign within your circles and communities. By spreading the word, you're expanding our reach and giving more individuals the opportunity for better health.Gift of Dedication: Consider dedicating your donation to someone who has inspired you with their courage or resilience. Your gesture becomes a symbol of unity and support.By supporting our campaign, you're becoming a bridge to healing, hope, and transformation. Your donation isn't just a financial contribution; it's a lifeline that connects individuals with the care they uniquely require.With heartfelt gratitude,Cassie and the rest of the crew!

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