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Nutrition & Physical Activity

Nutrition Seminars


Wednesdays via Zoom or archived HERE

Whether you're looking to manage a specific health condition, lose weight, improve energy levels, or simply adopt a healthier way of eating, our nutrition services are designed to meet your unique needs. Our licensed Dietitian takes the time to understand your individual goals, preferences, and challenges to develop a personalized plan that works for YOU.


Free Nutrition Seminars offered Wednesdays on Zoom


RMR/Metabolic Testing: We use the KORR CardioCoach PLUS to get a Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Measurement. An RMR measurement uses oxygen consumed at rest to determine a person’s caloric requirements for
weight loss or maintenance. 


About our Dietitian: Breanne Nalder Harward MS, RDN

Breanne earned a BS in Biology and Sociology from Westminster College and went on to receive a Master of Science degree in Nutrition and Sports Dietetics from the University of Utah. She is licensed as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Breanne works hard to teach the science of food and how our bodies use nutrients as fuel to achieve optimal performance. She understands that everyBODY is unique and that nutrition needs are individual. She loves to help each person she works with modify their lifestyle to reach their goals, in ways that they can enjoy and maintain. Beyond her passions in nutrition, she is a new mom of 2 beautiful daughters and her girls are her whole world. It's on pause at the moment, but Breanne also competes as a professional cyclist on the road and gravel, practices yoga every day, and enjoys anything in the mountains with her family and 2 dogs. 


  • Healthy, non-diet weight loss

  • Elimination / Reintroduction diets

  • Gut health and GI treatment plans

  • Intuitive / Mindful Eating

  • Anti-inflammatory foods/supplements

  • Auto-immune disease treatments

  • Sport specific nutrition for training and performance


  • Health history, diet analysis and treatment plan

  • Metabolic testing to determine your calorie and macronutrient needs unique to you

  • Goal support and management

  • Meal planning

  • Grocery store tours

  • Pantry and fridge “makeovers”

  • Vitamin, mineral and other supplements

Additional Services

  • Group sessions – Stay on track with your group/team/partner

  • On-site nutrition clinics for groups

  • Cooking classes & demonstrations

  • Telephone / email consultations

  • Grocery Store Tour – Breanne walks you through your grocery store teaching you how to implement your diet plan, pick out supplements and keep it all within budget

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