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Welcome October!

Updated: Jan 30

Hey Nervana Family!

September "flu" by..... And now we approach one of her favorite times of the year..... The

month we can inject faces and the aftermath of bruising and swelling are more universally


September wrapped up some fun memories here at Nervana! Our injectors were busy with

lots of exciting new product launches from our vendors (stay tuned for more)- We hosted a

GAIN training (Galderma Aesthetic Injector Network) here at our Sandy Clinic. Galderma is

the company who manufactures Dysport, Sculptra and the Restylane line of hyaluronic

acid fillers. It was amazing to continue learning about some of the best products on the

market and host the training for some of the other injectors in the industry and have them a

part of our Nervana family for the day (coming from Avive Aesthetics, Dr. Saltz Plastic

Surgery, Southwick Integrative Medicine, Biorestoration and Modern SLC Aesthetics and

Injections! We also got to play with the MERZ Aesthetics regional advanced aesthetic

injector so we had our hands busy between the daily and staying current on all things

injectables. One thing that is amazing to experience is all of the support behind education

that the aesthetics industry harnesses as this is truly what brings the best of care to you all!

Jess and Cassie had a hoot at Evolus/Juveau dinner event; as you can see, Nervana’s

medical director is a bit different than what most may experience at a typical med spa...

They also went to a Galderma (Dysport, Restylane, Sculptra) dinner and took back some

good tips and tricks to add in their “tool kit” from Dr. Ward, a plastic surgeon here in Utah!

Nonetheless, they came back asking if Nervana could store cadaver heads in the NerVana

Van for mobile aesthetics training.....(Only after Cassie was shut down from her desires to

hang a poop categorization chart in “Cassie's Cube” for “all the GLP1 patients who are

constipated or experiencing diarrhea”.

We also got an Ultrasound! This has already become Cassie’s favorite toy we have at

Nervana. She was a huge fan of POCUS (point of care ultrasound) in the ICU and event

though she use to look at hearts everyday, she's excited to check out all of your vessels

and nerve bundles and “the possibilities are endless”- helping our patients feel safe and

staying true to our commitment of providing you exceptional care here at Nervana will

always remain our number one priority!

Thats a wrap on September, welcome October!

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spooky party

spooky party

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