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Energy + Metabolism
60 min

Designed to help burn fat, boost metabolism, and feel more energized.  This IV contains premium-quality compounds, harnessing the benefits of special vitamins and amino acids  to raise energy levels and support a healthy metabolism. This  IV also contains high dose vitamin B12 to really help you get moving!

Possible Benefits

  • Helps convert fat into energy

  • Enhances athletic performance

  • Improves overall mood

  • Boosts your metabolism

  • Promotes thyroid health

  • Supports the production of glutathione, the body's master antioxidant


5,000 mcg B12

1500 mg carnitine or 600 mg arginine or 150 mg taurine or 3 ml amino blend (Glutamine 30mg, Ornithine 50mg, Arginine 100 mg, Lysine 50mg, Citrulline 50 mg/ per ml) or 3 ml tri-amino (Glutamine (30mg) Ornithine (50mg) Arginine (100mg) Citrulline (50mg)/ per ml) or 600 mg NAC (Acetylcysteine) 

N-Acetylcysteine, commonly abbreviated as NAC;NAC is a precursor to glutathione production, one of the body's most important antioxidants.  You have probably heard of antioxidants, but few people understand how they work.  Antioxidants are naturally found in foods that we eat, such as fruits and vegetables, and also available through supplements and medications.

Antioxidants fight free radicals in our body.  Free radicals are important for certain functions, such as fighting infection; however, they are also linked to multiple illnesses including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.  Without antioxidants, free radicals would grow to high levels and quickly cause significant harm and eventually death.  Free radical production is increased by things such as air pollution, alcohol use, high blood sugar, viral infections, and more. When free radicals outnumber antioxidants it can lead to a state called oxidative stress, and prolonged oxidative stress has negative consequences to our health. 

NAC replenishes glutathione, the master antioxidant, our body is better able to regulate free radicals and promote overall health.  In fact, reducing oxidative stress can improve gut health, muscle performance, and even slow the progression of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases.

In addition to these major benefits, NAC has also shown to detoxify our liver and it is commonly used in hospitals to prevent liver damage with patients who have taken toxic levels of Tylenol.  It may improve mood health by regulating glutamate, a neurotransmitter that is responsible for sending signals between our brain and the nerves in our body, AND it has been shown to improve infertility, improve testosterone utilization, and even help improve symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).


Maximum 1-2 per week (if desired more than once  weekly, then high dose B12 would need adjustment by medical director to avoid potential toxicity though very rare)

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