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What Is IV Nutrition Used For?

Updated: Jan 26

In an ideal world, we’d all drink enough fluids every day, eat enough nutritions foods with essential vitamins, be protected from environmental toxins and live in a stress-free at all times.


Unfortunately, many of us aren’t able to accomplish all that on a daily basis, though we may make strides trying. Because of this, we need a solution that can help complement our efforts and provide the nutrition and care needed to be our healthiest selves.

That’s where IV vitamin therapy can come into play. Hydration Staying hydrated is important for a number of reasons, including:

  • Regulating body temperature

  • Keeping organs functioning properly

  • Maintaining healthy skin

  • Lubricating joints

  • Preventing infections

  • Getting quality sleep

  • And more

Along with eating water-rich foods and drinking at least half a gallon of water per day, IV nutrition can be another great option for helping replenish fluids and combating fatigue. With IV nutrition kits like Quench—designed specifically for rehydration—people may experience the immediate effects of ascorbic acid, B-complex vitamins and a unique blend of minerals as they enter the body intravenously. Some of the potential benefits can include:

  • Immune system detoxification

  • Essential vitamin restoration

  • Inflammation reduction

  • Circulation improvement

  • Energy restoration

Stronger Immunity Our immune systems have been tested this year more than ever before. On top of everyday toxins, germs and stresses we combat every day, we’ve had to face new threats to our immunity with an unprecedented cold and flu season. That’s why it’s important to continuously take care of our immune systems to arm our bodies with the protection it needs to fight back. Some ways of doing that include:

Additionally, IV nutrition can help support these efforts. Loaded with zinc chloride, ascorbic acid and B-complex vitamins, IV therapy solutions like our Immunity IV Kit may help with:

  • Protection against infection

  • Speeding up healing time

  • Reducing duration of illness symptoms

Recovery & Performance Improvement Another way IV nutrition is commonly used is to help enhance athletic performance and speed up recovery time. Designed specifically with these benefits in mind, Recovery & Performance IV Kit can include possible benefits, such as:

  • Decreased recovery time for sore muscles after a workout

  • Decreased recovery time after an injury

  • Replenished essential nutrients

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Enhanced athletic performance

Packed with vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, a blend of essential amino acids and a special mineral blend, this IV kit may be a great way to complement your efforts toward athletic performance improvement and reduced recovery time. Allergy & Inflammation Relief IV nutrition may also be used for allergies and ongoing pain. An IV therapy solution like our Myer’s Cocktail Premix is specially crafted with magnesium chloride, B-complex vitamins, Hydroxo-B12™, calcium gluconate and ascorbic acid to help alleviate allergy and chronic pain. Some potential benefits of this IV kit include

  • Stress alleviation

  • Improved immunity

  • Restored balance

  • Reduced chronic pain

  • Fewer migraines

  • Hydration

Age Management When it comes to age management, there are many treatments available that may help reduce some of the negative effects of aging in both men and women. The Inner Beauty IV Kit offers an assortment of essential ingredients that can bring out skin’s radiance and natural glow, including ascorbic acid, B-complex vitamins and biotin. Some of the potential benefits of this kit are:

  • Strengthened hair and nails

  • Reduced wrinkles

  • Radiant, hydrated skin

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