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From the company that has dedicated over 20 years of research to the science of anti-aging, is an FDA-cleared homecare device that emits two clinically validated energies, 830 nm and 633 nm, via’s Micro-pulse PBM Technology™. is a gently heating treatment that works to excite your skin’s cellular energy to pre-condition itself from harmful environmental factors and to protect you from premature signs of aging.

features & benefits

FDA Cleared

A class 2, at-home device to reduce the appearance of periorbital wrinkles and stimulate collagen

Two LED Wavelengths

Combines red (633nm) and infrared (830nm) wavelengths to target multiple skin concerns with one device

Proven Results

In a split-face, randomized study, 91% reported visible skin improvements, and 64% reported reduced fine lines and wrinkles1

Source: Data on file

Micro-pulse PBM Technology™

The unique photo-modulated light technology is delivered in a sequential pulsed

mode and duration


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